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About Us: Complementing architecture
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Complementing architecture since 1961
The fruit of constant engagement and professional commitment in projecting, producing, installing high-technology, top-class design and quality products for building, architecture, art and landscaping: long-term experience, management and organization, prepared young staff, the most modern technology, quality materials, control of procedures and final products, quest of sustainable solutions for reduced environmental impact; passion for excellence, with a keen person-oriented approach.
Who We Are
Giommi started out in 1961 its work with metal and noble materials, targeting architecture and arts to produce high-technology, eco-friendly building components. The company grew through three generations, adding new creative services to its clients, interpreting and reconciling ideas, needs, functionality and competence, always exploring futuristic technical solutions. Such growth goes on, making GIOMMI an enterprise fitted to compete at global level, and recognized within the market for its quality and forward vision.
What We Do
50-year experience projecting, producing and installing high-technology, quality and design solutions to complement bio-architecture for public, commercial, industrial, residential and indoors context with key-in-hand by-measure on-demand projects, adopting low-environmental-impact criteria, creating installations and stands for exhibits and fairs as well as for the art world, relying on materials in harmony with the most sophisticated requirements: glass, wood, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, bronze, corten.
Our works are to remain in time and space, guarantee energy efficiency and environmental respect, make us a partner for any architectural idea with alternative and fore-looking character, eco-friendliness, creativity, technology and specialized installations.
How We Do It
Achieving goals is the fruit of deep interest, constant engagement and professional commitment towards our work according to clear guidelines:
• use of high-quality materials, chosen upon our experience in the field
• efficient internal organization, supporting the most modern technologies and fostered by dynamic and prepared staff
• regular control of procedures and final products upon legal requirements and international standards
• respect for the environment and constant reference to sustainable solutions with low environmental impact
• great passion and striving for excellence
Offices and Workshop in Fossombrone (PU), Italy. 1300 sq. mt. of top-quality materials and highest technology in architectural design. A young, dynamic team animates the firm with specialized technical competence, comprising international staff and outsourcing tasks to sectoral human resources trained on purpose to keep the quality standard set by 50+ years of experience. We can deal with English-, French-, Spanish-, Portuguese-, Russian-, Albanian-speaking counterparts, and are ready to make our knowledge available all over Italy and abroad.
Our projecting and technical expertise support designers, engineers, architects’ work
Our showroom in Fossombrone, Italy, is dedicated to introducing our clients to the GIOMMI world, to explore ideas and their feasibility, to work together  in evaluating visions and plans, always with a focus on low environmental impact and respect for our planet. The exhibition hall has been conceived to display a broad range of products, including those designed by GIOMMI, along with our selection of articles and proposals from the best brands. Inspiration, creativity, technical solutions gather in our showroom to meet materials and style of top-most quality.
1200 sq. mt. laboratory with specialized cutting, welding and refining machines for a variety of materials: aluminum, iron, stainless steel, corten, inox, bronze, copper, glass, wood. Special care is devoted to handicraft works for the art world and cultural scopes. the most noble materials on exclusive designs realized with the most modern technologies. With own vehicles, heavy-duty machines, crane trucks, glass elevators and aerial movement platforms, we are equipped to project and realize outputs and plants for a variety of purposes, and we partner with producers and service providers in creating and installing highly sophisticated products, including photovoltaic systems, for the most diverse needs, with high specialization and environmental care.
Bring your plans and problems to us: we’ll find your solution!
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