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KELLER AG: sliding systems with unique style
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To create is to shape our destiny (Albert Camus)
Since more than three decades, <strong>KELLER AG</strong> creates products responding to the needs of modern architecture that match the <strong>expectations</strong> of the most <strong>demanding clients</strong>. The aesthetic perfection is a pillar in its distinctive philosophy, while the <strong>exclusive design and architectural style</strong> used in the production of the sliding systems, as well as its superior technological standard, makes of KELLER AG an excellency producer for whom we are proud to be official partner.

GIOMMI gurantees for its clients high-level professional skills within its project team as well as installation team, which includes specialized technicians trained and certified for KELLER products, and ensures long-time, full durability and functionality on all items. KELLER AG utilises only materials and components responding to the highest quality and technology levels, paying careful attention even to minor details, in line with the certifications prescribed by international standards that also characterize GIOMMI’s work since three generations. We are authorized representatives for the work and installation of all KELLER products:

KELLER – Precision and perfection

The accuracy and unique look of the products, its sophisticated design and the care of each detail are embedded in any KELLER product, together with the extremely low environmental impact resulting from its energy consumption standards. The more-than-precise fabrication and finishing are the fruit of the perfect marriage between aluminum and glass, in this high-precision quality line that has generated the most minimal systems in the world: a sliding glass with hidden frames and a 21-mm-profile, in special insulated panes ensuring acoustic, thermal, solar factors for the highest performance, and with a surprising easy sliding thanks to the high-tech movementing mechanisms completely hidden in the profiles that are in total co-planarity with the floor, walls and ceilings. A real jewel of the crown that GIOMMI wears with pride and seriousness.

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