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KELLER Wintergardens®: your indoor-outdoor world
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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve (Napoleon Hill)
In <strong>classical or modern style</strong>, always immersed in <strong>nature</strong>. Real masterpieces of construction for indoor spaces cut out from outdoor space that pay tribute to British-style models or modern orientations, and enable inhabiting an exclusive enlarged home space stretching out into the nature which can be used in both <strong>summer and winter</strong>.

All KELLER products for Wintergardens®, GLASSHOUSE®, ORANGERIE Elegance®, match style and wish to inhabit an external space enjoying full light, with the comfort of indoor spaces gifted with special attention to details. Special constructions in flat roof, dome, vault, for each building purpose as well as need to associate diversified architectural styles and optimize the visual impact even in historical context. GIOMMI chooses them in line with the highest quality standards, elaborates the executive projects, works the components and installs them with the certified competence acquired in years of collaboration with KELLER, and advises clients on KELLER products’ applicability to the most prestigious and excusive architectural projects.

  • Classical or modern style
  • Wooden support structure
  • Insulating double or triple glazing
  • Exclusive EPDM bruglary safety patent
  • Energy efficiency and protection
  • Integrated accessories/plants
  • Thermal-break profiles
  • Insulation U-value 0,40 W/m²K


Technologically advanced solutions characterize both the visual aspect and the comfort in handling and maneuvering as well as inhabiting: insulating aluminum profiles, thermal-break lateral elements, eaves profiles, hardwood laminated supporting beams, natural rubber latex protection against infiltrations with exclusive EPDM patent (insulation coefficient /U-value: 0,40 W/m²K), double or triple glazing insulating panes, vaults and domes with insulated high-quality glasses inserted in aluminum structure, completely embedded integrated accessories (solar protection, air conditioning, heating, lighting, sound diffusion), aluminum doors and windows with hidden profiles and reduced visual impact from outside.

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