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Contract: Noble materials on exclusive designs
Design & Contract
Over fifty years devoted to <strong>projecting and producing unique solutions</strong> for your indoors and outdoors comfort, with style and <strong>personalized design</strong>, in world-wide operationality. <strong>Custom-tailored layout project concepts</strong> are prepared by our design specialists, according to the destination use of the spaces and the desired <strong>target style</strong>. Contact us for an evaluation of your needs! We’ll discuss timelines and costs and propose the most suitable among our CONTRACT & DESIGN services.
Our philosophy
<div style="text-align: left;">GIOMMI supports your needs in contract and sub-contract modality with <strong>professional standard, quality assurance and exclusivity</strong> in the output: your public or private space will become the realization of your ideas, with <strong>top-class retail supply</strong> and unique character. Branding and personalization of styles, logos, payoffs, are part of our services in strict accordance with the concept design creation. GIOMMI incorporates partner companies in joint-venture to match a diversified range of competencies and skills, in order to provide <strong>fully-fledged services</strong> in turnkey mode from scratch to the inauguration: concept design, implementation of existing designs, work site supervision, supply/retail, outdoors covering, installations and technical plants, staffing, etc. According to our philosophy, one-handed management assures <strong>quality and consistency</strong> to any project, in a complete service offering the benefit to interact with only one entity undertaking the full responsibility and interacting with the others for the consistency and coordination of the implementation.</div>
Contact Us
How we work
Thorough understanding of the client’s target, needs, and budget through meeting and/or teleconference.
Brief narrative description of the proposed idea, with graphic imaging of its realization, in two different options:
  • OUTLINE comprising:
  • The idea of the realization, delivered in A3 format
  • Digital PDF
  • Personalized storyboard describing the layout of the proposed style with the guidelines of the project, which includes two variant options as alternatives
  • Rendering board of a pattern share of the total project realized according to the identified style
  • Production timeline: 2 weeks for the 2 alternative layouts and 1 week for the rendering of the identified style
  • BLUEPRINT comprising:
  • Personalized storyboard upon the guidelines of the project idea (project cover)
  • Detailed distributive layout of each component of the design in the identified style, with sections and plans
  • Diverse prospect images and descriptions to visualize the concept, detailing the selection of furnishing and lighting items
  • Proposal of materials and fabrics
  • Complete rendering tables of each space (floors, ceilings, walls, doors & windows, etc)
  • Magnum format (A0, A1, etc.) of the chosen layout for each space
  • Detailed list of furniture and finishing according to the identified style
  • Rendering tables of diverse specific spaces as appropriate (cloakrooms, cashier corner, show shelves, display spots, etc)
  • Table of materials, detailing indications about materials, fabrics, tools for each space
  • Architectural designs
  • Executive designs with detailed measures and proportions of each single item in the considered spaces
Additional services can include branding and communication/marketing studies:
  • Naming
  • Logo design - Payoff
  • Business cards
  • Handouts
  • Brochures - Catalogues - Flyers
  • Product labeling - Packaging
  • Web domains - Website - Landing pages & SEO
  • E-commerce
  • Social media pages
  • Other specific needs
Supply & Retail
  • Exclusive Made-in-Italy
  • Top-quality international brands
  • Diversified levels of high-quality Italian brands
  • Logistical services
  • Samples (cloth, murano glass etc)
Specialized technical services
About the Company

GIOMMI began in 1961 working with metal and noble materials, targeting architecture and arts to produce high-technology eco-friendly building components. The company grew through three generations, with new creative services to its clients, interpreting and reconciling ideas, needs, functionality and competence, as well as exploring futuristic technical solutions. Such growth goes on, making GIOMMI an enterprise fitted to compete at global level, and recognized within the market for its quality and forward vision. Achieving goals is the fruit of deep interest, constant engagement and professional commitment towards our work and according to clear guidelines:

  • Use of the best materials, chosen upon our experience in the field
  • Efficient internal organization, supported by modern technology and skilled staff
  • Regular control of procedures and final products
  • Respect for the environment and constant reference to sustainable solutions
  • Great passion and striving for excellence
The special top-quality line by Giommi
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