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Villa: Keller Minimal Windows System
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  • Name: Villa
  • Date: 01.15.2019
  • Category: Verandas & Sunshields
  • Author: Giommi s.r.l.
  • Description:

Minimal Windows Keller.


Minimal Windows® a frameless sliding windows system that matches the external sunshades.
A unique concept where technology and design melt to create an impact which is minimal and emotional at the same time.
Giommi realizes a project of housing complements with a contemporary style and a strong technological appeal.
Fixtures design is as modern as minimal and fully in harmony with the living environment.
Turnkey, Giommi cares for external details according to both aesthetic and housing project. The elegant and highly functional construction details are the result of the union between the artisanal know-how and the relentless technological research.

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