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P’ASSAGGI, Flavours, Music and Theater – Event 2015: Flavours, Music and Theater
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Culture and Arts have accompanied ever since our technical work, granting us the inspiration to combine fantasy with specialized skills. The traditional engagement to promote cultural, artistic and social thems started by GIOMMI since more than a decade has seen us again on stage on the wondrous terrace facing the Montefeltro hills with a new event.

On Saturday 1 August the most recent GIOMMI soirée has taken place in line with the nowadays established series of events aimed at promoting creativity and arts in the handicraft work that the company develops since more than half a century with renewed spirit and untouched commitment, and which is since two decades the vehicle for our Made-in-Italy exporting effort.

A short theater work by Mestieri Misti dedicated to represent a tale celebrating the metaphore of passages, transitions, entries and the allegory of “going in” and “going out” as well as of “getting lost” and “finding oneself”, with two brothers as main characters whose solidity and cohesive strength is never under discussion, not even in the most difficult moments.

Live music, with the latest creation by the group Tango Nuevo Latin Jazz, in their new discographic project featuring contemporary music with the sound of rythms proceding from all over the world.

A special dinner based on genuine local products, prepared by caring expert hands in a fully volunteer régime using all biological products “beyond 0-Km” supplied by the Bio-Farm Azienda Agricola Biologica Alda Barona in the framework of its project Ortiamo (www.ortiamo.it).

A small souvenir of the evening in a handicraft mini-soap with flavour of coffee or milk, honey and flowers, realized by us has concluded the event, escorting our guests with the care of ancient activities, traditional, pure, simple ones.

The fresh air of our hills in the background has accompanied our guests through an evening devoted to strengthen relationships and results, at the end of a complex long period sometimes scattered with difficulties. A reconfirmation of the importance of the human factor animating and guiding us, that remains the pivot of our transparency, competence, quality, will to live and smile in all languages!

The local Fano TV has produced a special dedicated to the event and broadcasted repeatedly on its channel, as well as on rotation on Fano TV EVENTI, the special channel dedicated to the events in the territory.

The video of the event, clipping the concert, the theater representation, the tour in our showroom to explore the new entries and the special items in doors, windows, façades, glass walls, verandas, automation, minimalism, technology and high quality, is also available on the video section of the TV portal www.fanotv.it, beside our web page and YouTube channel.

A selection of the pictures of the event is also accessible under the NEWS section of our web site, and on our Flickr profile.

P'ASSAGGI - Evento Giommi 2015

We area deeply thankful to all those whose work, enthousiasm, engagement, have believed in this new project and contributed to making this wonderful evening reality!

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